No Holds Barred LineSource Monitor Triple

A world class loudspeaker system suitable for any room with any electronics, the NHB LineSource will reveal the musical potential of the upstream electronics and the nuances of the music being played to the greatest extent possible.   The NHB version of the Stacked LSMs has all of the advantages of their smaller sibling but adds slightly larger cabinets plus the bass extension and increase transparency of the famous ScanSpeak Revelator 5" midbasses.  


Being LineSource Monitors, there is no limit to the configuration options from the point of view of height, full length Ribbons and finish.   Since the systems have very high impedances as well as efficiency, there is very little in the way of restriction in the choice of amplifiers from single ended tube amps to digital ICE amps to behemoth Class A amplifiers.


Given the low end extension and dynamic capability of the NHBs, if you decide a subwoofer is required, the choice is wide open as integration is simplified by the low crossover point.


Room correction?  Audiophiles know that the less work room correction systems have to do the lower the strain will be on the amplifiers and the computing resource of the correction system.   Transparency of the whole system can only be improved by the high level of reflection control of the No Holds Barred Line Sources.


Ultra audio performance at audiophile prices.  Simple systems built to a very high standard which work extraordinarily well.

Additional Info

  • Specifications:

    No Holds Barred LineSource Monitor Triple

    Dimensions: 77" H x9.5" W x14"D 

    Weight:  180 lbs per side

    Base Size: 22" x 16"

    Standard Finish: Oak

    Grills Optional, please call for details

    Warranty: 5 year parts and labour warranty, with 1 way shipping.

    Frequency Response: 38 - 20 kHz

    Sensitivity: 94dB

    Min/Max Power: 10 - 300w

    Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms

    Ribbon:  1 x Oval 45

    Bass Drivers: 9  x 5" ScanSpeak Revelators

    Crossover: External Passive or Digital

    Application: Front L & R, Surround,

    Sub Required?  For Home Theater

    Type of Amplifier Required: Virtually any amplifier will drive the LSM well. This includes tubes>5w/ch and any receiver. Newform Ribbons present a very easy load.

  • Pricing:

    No Holds Barred LineSource Monitor - triple

    List Price Per Pair in Canada only (Canadian Dollars)

    List Price:  $22,495.00      Factory Direct:  $12,372.00

    • Call or email for personal system advice and the name of your nearest dealer.
    • 30 day "Let's make sure" period. Offer applies to systems, not raw drivers and kits.

    List Price Per Pair  Continental US (US Dollars)

    List Price:  $22,495.00      Factory Direct:  $12,372.00

    Price Per Pair Europe (US Dollars)

    FOB Your Nearest International Airport 

    List Price:  $23,995.00      Factory Direct:  $13,197.00

    Price Per Pair Asia (US Dollars)

    FOB Your Nearest International Airport

    List Price:  $24,995.00      Factory Direct:  $13,747.00