Ribbon transparency with baffle mount practicality and aesthetics.  The Ribbon 8 allows a speaker kit builder to make a conventional looking speaker cabinet with the detail of a large planar loudspeaker.

The Ribbon 8 has very high impedance, good efficiency and, like all Newform Ribbons, has no transformer or need to re-stretch the diaphragm.  Like the rest of it's family, the R8 offers very high dynamics and very wide horizontal dispersion.

When coupled with 6 1/2" or smaller midbass drivers, the R8 will deliver seamless off axis dispersion for a very broad sweetspot.

This allows a more conventional speaker system to be built around it, whether for high fidelity stereo or audiophile home theater. 

The Ribbon 8 is practical Ribbon magic - a superb Ribbon tweeter that is easy to install and easy to integrate with any quality midbass driver due to its high sensitivity and low crossover point. 

Why settle for a dome tweeter when you can have the musical transparency and room acoustics advantages of a very dynamic Ribbon?


The Oval 15 is designed for use in a Coaxial Ribbon LineSource system but will work exceptionally well in any conventional Ribbon application.  Very high impedance and the expected transparency, dynamics and detail from a Newform Ribbon.  A low crossover point makes it easy to work with any midbass of 7" or under.

The Pyramid 8 takes the musical ability of the Pyramid 45 and packs it into an aesthetic package of broader appeal.   It is made for the seated listener looking for an extremely high level of musical purity in their stereo audio system or home theater surround sound system.  Suitable for any corner of a surround sound or two channel hifi system, the Pyramid 8 offers a very high level of dynamics and transparency and large acoustic footprint into a very small physical footprint.

A stand-alone speaker of unique visual and musical character, the Pyramid 45 will serve beautifully in a stereo hifi or home theater with audiophile capability.  Very high output levels combined with a superbly musical character, the Ribbon Pyramid offers fine transparency at high volumes or low.  A broadly accomplished loudspeaker with a very small footprint given it's musical potential.





The LineSource Monitor is quite a powerful package to start with and when stacked 3 high, (or four - really the ceiling is the limit), takes control of a rooms acoustics as few other loudspeakers can.   It virtually eliminates ceiling and floor reflections while establishing a very broad and deep soundstage over a large listening area.  The listening area is both wide and tall allowing movement without a loss of musical enjoyment for a considerable number of people.  In a public assembly area, the Triple Stacked LSM offers excellent musical coverage and speech intelligibility in rooms to 2000 square feet and audiences up to 80 people.  Tremendous dynamic capability with the expected Ribbon transparency and detail.  A world class loudspeaker with a down home price. 

A world class loudspeaker system suitable for any room with any electronics, the NHB LineSource will reveal the musical potential of the upstream electronics and the nuances of the music being played to the greatest extent possible.   The NHB version of the Stacked LSMs has all of the advantages of their smaller sibling but adds slightly larger cabinets plus the bass extension and increase transparency of the famous ScanSpeak Revelator 5" midbasses.  


Being LineSource Monitors, there is no limit to the configuration options from the point of view of height, full length Ribbons and finish.   Since the systems have very high impedances as well as efficiency, there is very little in the way of restriction in the choice of amplifiers from single ended tube amps to digital ICE amps to behemoth Class A amplifiers.


Given the low end extension and dynamic capability of the NHBs, if you decide a subwoofer is required, the choice is wide open as integration is simplified by the low crossover point.


Room correction?  Audiophiles know that the less work room correction systems have to do the lower the strain will be on the amplifiers and the computing resource of the correction system.   Transparency of the whole system can only be improved by the high level of reflection control of the No Holds Barred Line Sources.


Ultra audio performance at audiophile prices.  Simple systems built to a very high standard which work extraordinarily well.

The 528 features dual Peerless heavy duty 5" midbass drivers and large 8" Ribbon driver, all in a compact package suitable for any point of a stereo hifi or home theater system.  All the capabilities of it's single midbass sibling the LSM 58 but with added bass reach and dynamics.

The LSM 528 can form the core of an impressive home theater or stereo audiophile system with modest amplifiers or receivers.   Call or email us for component advice.

The Oval 45 is designed for use in Coaxial Ribbon LineSource configurations.  It is a high efficiency, neodymium monopole Ribbon with wide dispersion, high impedance and excellent dynamics.


The Oval 45 features high impedance and high sensitivity so it will partner extremely well with a wide variety of amplifiers and electronics.  It's low crossover point of around 1kHz allows a seamless off axis response to be achieved when used with audiophile quality midbasses and woofers of 7" diameter or smaller. 


The result will be exception transparency and dynamic levels from a simple system well within the ability of any loudspeaker kit builder.

Consisting of 4 12" subwoofers, driven by a 1100watt Crown amplifier, cabling and connectors.

Standard Finish: Black Oak Laminate



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