The R630v3 is a classic 2 way loudspeaker system.  Why is a two way system so desirable?  Simplicity.  A well executed 2 way eliminates the complexity of adding a midrange driver with its associated dispersion, phase, and crossover problems.  The low crossover point of our unique Ribbon drivers allow a full range system that delivers the full musical spectrum without the off-axis upper midrange suck-outs typically found in two way dome tweeter systems.

As with all Newform Ribbon loudspeakers, superb results can be achieved with a wide range of tube and solid state electronics.
Please call or e-mail us for a discussion of your equipment and your system plans.
From a stereo pair to the fronts and rear of a great home theater system, in most situations the R630v2 will open up and illuminate the soundstage for any keen music lover.

The R630v3 offers very high levels of mid-bass and high frequency transparency with rock solid bass. This midbass detail and neutrality comes courtesy of the famous ScanSpeak 8545 carbon fibre pulp cone 7" mid-bass used in numerous mega dollar loudspeakers. 


Small to medium sized rooms for music and stereo, but add a subwoofer for home theater. Rears and surrounds for home theater in a large room. Suitable for almost any kind of amplifier given it's high and even impedance. Excellent dynamics and also sounds superb at low listening levels. Made for the seated listener. If you like to get up and move around regularly, the taller R645v3 should be the choice. 

For once, a high end audio component richly deserves its glowing reviews. The 630v3 gives up some bass dynamics to the R645v3 but is just fine for average sized rooms.  

Loudspeaker Setup  

A sub is not required unless used for very high volume stereo in a large room or for home theater. For home theater systems the majority of users will want a very good subwoofer with the 630v3 since it can operate solidly into the low 30s and can be crossed over well below 50Hz. 

Place the 630s several feet out from the short wall, firing down the length of a rectangular room and you will have a superb soundstage.


Additional Info

  • Specifications:

    Dimensions: 61, 10.5, 14 inches or 155, 27, 35.5 cm

    Weight (lbs or kg)  90 lbs or 41 kg

    Base Size:  14 x 20 inches  35.5 x 51 cm

    Standard Finish:  Black Ash Woodgrain

    Options:  Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Rosewood, Corian (any colour)

    Grill Material:  Black open weave Polyester Speaker Grill Cloth 

    Warranty:  5 year parts and labour warranty, with 1 way shipping.

    Frequency Response: 38 - 20 KhZ

    Sensitivity:  88db

    Min/Max Power:  20 - 150w

    Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohms

    Bass Drivers:  1 x 7" ScanSpeak Carbon Fibre Cone

    Ribbon Driver:  R30

    Crossover:  1k, 12dB woofer 6dB on Ribbon

    Application:  Front L & R, Surrounds

    Sub Required?  For HT or Large room only

    Type of Amplifier Required: Virtually any amplifier will drive any of our loudspeakers well. This includes tubes>5w/ch and any receiver. Newform Ribbons present a very easy load.

    Upgrades Available:

    Upgraded Capacitors, foil inductors

    Heavy Duty Spikes - cones

    External Crossover Terminal Plates (for digital X-overs)

    Larger bases of different materials

    Live in an earthquake zone? There are two possible strategies. Run a strap from the top of the Ribbon (via the 2 tapped holes in the rear of the Ribbon) to a ceiling joist. Or, make larger bases. Soundanchors can do this for you as well. www.soundanchors.com

  • Pricing:


    Single Scan Speak carbon fiber 7", and single R45 Ribbon.

    List Price Delivered / Per Pair  (Canadian Dollars)


    Factory Direct: $2747.00

    • Call for personal system advice and the name of your nearest dealer.
    • 30 day "Let's make sure" period. Offer applies to systems, not raw drivers and kits.

    List Price / Per Pair  Continental USA (US Dollars)


    Factory Direct: $2747.00

    Price Per Pair Asia
    FOB Your Nearest International Airport (US Dollars)


    Factory Direct:  $3255.00

    Price Per Pair Europe
    FOB Your Nearest International Airport (Euros)


    Factory Direct:  E3040.00