The R645v3 is the ultimate embodyment of the classic 2 way philosophy. In terms of sound quality, the 645v3 maintains the neutrality and transparency of the 630v3 and adds considerably more dynamics over the entire bandwidth. The 645v3 will light up virtually any domestic listening room with a good 100 watt amp and do surprisingly well with 10 watts.

The R630v3 is a classic 2 way loudspeaker system.  Why is a two way system so desirable?  Simplicity.  A well executed 2 way eliminates the complexity of adding a midrange driver with its associated dispersion, phase, and crossover problems.  The low crossover point of our unique Ribbon drivers allow a full range system that delivers the full musical spectrum without the off-axis upper midrange suck-outs typically found in two way dome tweeter systems.

As with all Newform Ribbon loudspeakers, superb results can be achieved with a wide range of tube and solid state electronics.
Please call or e-mail us for a discussion of your equipment and your system plans.
From a stereo pair to the fronts and rear of a great home theater system, in most situations the R630v2 will open up and illuminate the soundstage for any keen music lover.

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